What to Complete

Syllabus Overview

Upon successful completion of the Applied Knowledge Level, you enter the second stage – the Applied Skills Examination. You will obtain a broad range of knowledge of 6 subjects which focusses on aspects of finance.

The examinations of the subject Corporate and Business Law (LW) Computer Based, on demand, but other five (5) subjects are rather session based .You have the flexibility to attempt these examinations all year round.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded with ‘Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business’.

Why at ICON

ICON is known as the Market Leader for ACCA due to its renowned lecture panel with industry exposure, who are unparalleled and unmatched. The constant dedication and commitment ensures the best results for students. Throughout, we have maintained highest pass rates and produced the highest number of prize winners in Sri Lanka.

Once you complete Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance, we provide you the best mentors who guarantee your success in your final research paper at Oxford Brookes University to gain your Degree qualification.

Join ICON Business School and be a Prize Winner