1. Students should maintain utmost discipline at all the times – during virtual or physical sessions.
  2. Should maintain LMS login credentials confidentially, sharing with any others will lead to removal of your student account and access will not be allowed.
  3. Course fee shall be refunded in the event the lectures for the relevant subject are not commenced within a period of one month from the scheduled date and it shall not be refunded in any other circumstances.
  4. All payments must be made in full. No part payments or installments allowed, unless approved by the senior management.
  5. Students are permitted to transfer a subject payment to the next session provided a request is made via letter, within a period of one month from the commencement of the session.
  6. VISA letters are issued only to the students who get enrolled with ICON to follow subjects under the ACCA curriculum. The students who are desirous of obtaining a visa letter must make a written request specifying the duration of their stay in Sri Lanka. It should be noted that it is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain approval for a visa from the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka and ICON does not take any responsibility in this regard
  7. Students can collect the books once the payment has been settled fully.
  8. Students must use the same name in all payment transactions and after bank payments it is a must to submit the payment receipt to ICON with the correct name, if you failed to provide the receipt or any transaction confirmation, the payment will not be credited to your student account.
  9. Students must keep the receipts safe, (or keep the receipt number saved) until the end of the session. If you lose the receipt or receipt details, we will not be accountable.
  10. Virtual or physical classes will be held as per the Time Table given at the beginning of the session. The administration will inform if there are any changes.
  11. Management reserves the right to change the Time Table and also to add additional classes as required
  12. Virtual or physical classes can be held during public, bank and mercantile holidays as well.
  13. Icon Business School accessible from icon.edu.lk for the Privacy Policy
  14. Students can make any complain to iconbs@gmail.com or call 077 055 2555